The New Restaurant Look!

Monday January 18, 2021 comments

Restaurant Cleaning

Today's day and age with dining in has looked a lot different than it use to! Wearing masks, eating outside in a tent with heaters on, ordering pick up, and limited seating has affected all of us!

Where does that leave the restaurant owner? Though many restaurants have found themselves struggling to make ends meat, they have been forced to adapt their service to keep doors open! What does that mean for pressure washing?

Pressure washing is a technique used to clean exterior surfaces in order to keep them free of oil, dirt, gum & other stains. As new protocols have been mandated, it is important to keep the same appearance to customers visiting your restaurant! A dirty sidewalk, grease/food filled patio seating area, or plain disregard for appearance can ruin your reputation! 

Choosing a professional pressure washing contractor like Pure Pressure, you can be assured that a monthly service can prove to be invaluable for changing with the times. By utilizing state of the art equipment, trailer mounted hot water washers and years of experience, Pure Pressure can ensure that your diners are more than welcomed with a beautiful and clean dining experience!

Often times restaurant owners do not realize for the cost of what would be profited from 10-15 customers, they could have a monthly wash program in place. Seems minimal when considering the loss of customers due to negligence with your appearance.

For a free estimate or a free sample wash please contact a member of our team at (970)988-6292 or email the owner direct at [email protected]