Northern Colorado Mobile Fleet Washing

Sunday December 15, 2019 comments



Fleet washing in Colorado is crucial when keeping your companies reputation at the top. Mag chloride and road grime during the winter months can cause severe damage to delivery vehicles, trucks and semis. Not only can these harsh chemicals on the roadways cause damage to paint, they also can damage vinyl decals and vehicle wraps that are designed to promote your business in a positive way. Pure Pressure Power Washing recommends to any business within the Northern Colorado area to think about a fleet washing program that may benefit them both financially as well as increase their visibility and presence within the community and the customer base they are working.

Why should you hire a mobile fleet washing service?

By outsourcing your fleet washing to a mobile company, you are capable to focus on both your customers and the business you are running and not the whys and hows of maintaining the image of your delivery vehicles. Pure Pressure Power Washing offers several options when it comes to washing. Majority of our Colorado Fleet Washing contracts are tailored to the winter season. Some customers choose to be on a flexible schedule as needed after snow storms, and some customers take a greater pride in their image and want to have their vehicles cleaned weekly. The flexibility of having a mobile company come to your location is appealing to many business owners. Sure you can have your employees wait in long automatic car wash lines, but are your really saving money or loosing money? One major point that business owners do not take into account with their employees taking their car to the car wash is the fact that not only is the employer out the amount of money it takes to have the vehicle washed, but also the cost of labor that goes into that. Sure a 7 minute car wash is great but when added to the cost of the employees wages to drive to the car wash, wait in line, sit through the auto wash and drive back to your business, are you really saving money?

Cost of employee per hour $20.00 (0.333 per minute)

Cost to wash (Premium Package) $8-10.00

Average wait time in the line 5-10 Min ($1.67-3.33)

Average Wash Time 5-10 Min ($1.67-3.33)

Total Cost To Wash Vehicle 1 Vehicle ($11.34- 16.66)

Fleet Of 10 ($113.40- 166.60)

Fleet Of 20 ($226.80- 333.20)

This is just a rough average of the cost to have employees wash for you. If we told you that a professional company could come to you, provide better quality and perform a wash at your request all while saving you money, would you do it?

Most of our customers are not aware that a mobile fleet washing service exists, let alone one that can maintain a excellent company image for them at a fraction of the cost.

If this information flicks the light bulb in your brain, we suggest you contact Pure Pressure Power Washing @ (970)988-6292 and visit Fleet Washing Northern Colorado to see the quality of our work!

Let put into perspective the cost to have an employee take a car to a auto wash.