Why hire a professional fleet washing company

Wednesday January 25, 2023 comments

Why hire a professional fleet washing and cleaning company?

As a business owner or manager you are focused on many tasks at hand primarily pertaining to growing business and profits. As you depend on your fleet to deliver your goods or services to your customers, you know the importance of keeping that fleet vehicle looking clean and presentable! As a mobile pressure washing and fleet washing company, our goal is to make that an easy and affordable process.

How does fleet washing work?

Pure Pressure Power Washing arrives to your place of business with a truck mounted pressure washing system that carries 750 gallons of on board water. The process starts by applying the proper soap to the exterior of the vehicle, allowing that to dwell for a period of time and follow with any necessary brushing or scrubbing and finishing with a hot water wash.

What are the advantages of fleet washing?

  • Save in house costs
  • Maintain company image
  • Aid in up keep of maintenance 
  • Washing performed at your location

How often do most customers have fleet washing performed?

we offer any sort of custom package and frequency of washing for our customers. Depending on the time of year, many customers choose to have weekly or bi weekly services performed. Winter months tend to leave Colorado vehicles stained with mag chloride and road grime. As warmer months arrive, the fleet washing frequency can change to accommodate current need. Each fleet washing package is unique to you as the customer and can be changed at any point to fit your needs.

What areas do we offer fleet washing and fleet cleaning?

Primarily the Northern Colorado area which includes but is not limited to: Loveland, Fort Collins, Berthoud, Windsor, Greeley, Wellington and surrounding areas. Fleet washing near me.


To obtain an estimate and gather additional information on our fleet washing services please call (970)988-6292 or visit https://www.purepressurecolorado.com/FleetWashing/