Is it too late to clean gutters?

Friday January 7, 2022 comments

Gutter cleaning is a crucial step prior to winter time that can help save your home from costly water damage and ice damming. However once snow starts to fall, customers tend to wonder if its too late to have their gutters professionally cleaned.

Answer is yes & no. Often times when we have large snow fall it can be accompanied by cold temps for many days and weeks. In return a gutter system will often become frozen over and be fully packed with leaves and debris. In this case cleaning gutters can become a very difficult and sometimes not feasible due to the amount of ice and snow buildup within the gutters.

However, as many of us know, the Colorado climate also see's warm days in between snow storms which may allow an un cleaned gutter system to be properly and effectively cleared from the falls leaves and debris. As a professional gutter cleaning company we recommend that gutters are cleaned at minimum once a year in order to ensure that your system is properly flowing and can manage the moisture that comes with the winter ahead. If for some reason you forgot to clean gutters in the fall, it is still recommended to have them professionally cleaned in the spring to ensure that possible rain storms and future precipitation can be properly routed through your gutter system.

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