Fence & Deck Protection

Monday March 26, 2018 comments

Colorado faces a wide range of different weather patterns. It is crucial that both wood fencing and decking be properly protected for these conditions. The staining industry has grown rapidly and is continuously developing different products that can help fully protect and beautify your wood work. When choosing a stain it is important to do your research. Often times homeowners are un aware of the products that are available, and tend to follow the chain store pattern of using a home grade material. Typically these products will offer big warranty claims on the can but do not live up to the true potential of a quality product.

By choosing a quality contractor grade product that can be found at professional paint stores, you are able to apply a product that is not only backed by the manufacture but also by the paint store in which it was purchased. It is important to have re searched the different stains that are offered by the store and to share with a professional the desired look you are trying to achieve! Stains are not only broke down by (Oil Based) & (Water Based) but also categorized by the amount of pigment or (Color) they have. Applying a stain to a newly installed deck is a different process and color choice than one you would apply on a pre existing or previously stained deck or fence. It is important that you fully understand the differences in products and colors prior to staining! When in doubt, we recommend that you consult a professional contractor. Most contractors will offer free estimates and can guide you through the proper process of both the protection of your wood but also the beauty of the surface as well.