Deck & Fence Staining

Monday May 21, 2018 comments

It is that time of year again when homeowners start thinking about the outdoor projects that have been building up. Have you thought about the wood work around your home. Decks and fences are a large investment when it comes to your property and it is important that we protect that investment!

What's the best way to protect your investment? By applying a professional grade stain or sealer to your deck and fence surface, can prolong the life for several years. Often times homeowners will purchase and install a new fence and due to budgeting are unable to afford the cost to protect it with stain. This typically results in having to hire or rent a pressure washer to clean and prep those surfaces prior to staining! Although staining can add cost to your project it will also provide a insurance to your investment as well!

We recommend that homeowners inspect and maintain their wood fence and decks on a regular basis. If the surface is showing any wear or discoloration, we recommend that the homeowner contacts a professional refinishing contractor to come and evaluate the surface themselves. Often times contractor pricing is more affordable than most homeowners expect and typically leaves a more desirable finish to the surface!