Can Pressure Washing Cause Damage To My Property?

Sunday March 18, 2018 comments


Can pressure washing cause damage to my property? A common question when it comes to pressure washing. The answer..... Yes! With a pressure washer in the hands of the wrong person it is very likely that pressure washing can and will cause damage to your property. Often times home and business owners have the mentality that they can buy a department store pressure washer or even rent one and perform  a DIY pressure washing chore around the house or business. The problem is that most consumers of these washers are both un aware of the proper use of the machine, but also the proper safety techniques needed to protect themselves and their property!

Pressure washing is a very powerful means of cleaning a wide variety of surfaces! Whether you are trying to prep a deck to re-stain, wash the exterior of your home/business or clean your garage,driveway and sidewalks, there is an inherent risk that is taken when utilizing a pressure washer! Without knowledge of the power of a pressure washer a new user can apply too much force to a surface causing the surface to become permanently damaged. As an idea of the power. A 3500 psi pressure washer can cut entirely through a wood 2x4 within a minute and a half. Pretty impressive right? Imagine this amount of pressure in the wrong hands. Not only is your personal body at risk for injury but the surface you are working on as well! Proper safety equipment such as protective boots, long sleeves, pants, eye protection are recommended but often times not used when it comes to a DIY user.

What's the answer to eliminate the potential damage to self or property? 

1. If choosing to do a DIY pressure washing project, ensure that you have researched the proper use of both the machine and its operation including different tips, the use of chemicals and the proper use of personal protective gear.

2.Contact a professional pressure washing company to gain piece of mind that you will have highly trained professionals that are fully aware of the potential risks that come with pressure washing, how to avoid them as well as a piece of mind that your property will not face damage of any sort after the completion of the job. A professional local company will also carry the proper insurance that is needed to protect you as the customer should there be any damage to the property during the pressure washing process!

Make the right decision when it comes to using a pressure washer for your next residential or commercial project!