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Graffiti Removal Fort Collins

Graffiti Removal Fort Collins, Loveland-


Pure Pressure Power Washing offers professional graffiti removal for both residential and commercial properties, including apartment complexes, government buildings, state parks, playground equipment, store fronts and more.

Pure Pressure's graffiti removal process starts by identifying the surface that has been damaged. Upon surface identification we will choose which one of our biodegradable removers is needed to effectively remove graffiti with out shadowing. We will then apply chemical to surface and allow a 10-25 min dwell time followed by a 180+ degree hot water wash.

Following the full removal of graffiti Pure Pressure offers the customer an option for ANTI GRAFFITI coating. This coating is applied to the surface in 2 coats and creates a seal that when new graffiti is painted on surface the removal process can take place without using chemicals but hot water above 180 degrees. After the removal a new coat of ANTI GRAFFITI is applied and back to square one.

Our anti graffiti application typically comes with a 3-6 month graffiti free guarantee. As long as Pure Pressure is notified within 24 hours of new graffiti it will be free of charge.

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